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Les Davis Reef Improvement

We are proposing to add a rock reef to the Les Davis dive site composed of large locally sourced granite rocks.

Les Davis Reef Improvement

We would like to work with the city of Tacoma to install a granite rock reef at the Les Davis Dive Site similar to what was constructed at the Saltwater State Park in 2009.

We are planning a circle of 8 large rock piles going from about 50 feet of depth to around 90 feet of depth. There will also be a small rock path from the large rock reefs to the shallower eel grass to allow marine life to travel between the two at different stages of their life.

There will also be another 3 large rock piles off of the fishing pier to attract marine life there as well.

We are currently seeking a school to study the site, please reach out if your program would be interested in this.

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