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About Us

WSA is committed to working with officials of State, County, City, and Local Departments, and volunteer divers to establish a series of underwater parks that divers and snorkelers may enjoy. Underwater preserves will help prevent the loss of marine biodiversity by creating "safe havens" for all marine life.

Who We Are

In 1992 from humble beginnings, a group of dedicated scuba divers formed WSA to advocate for underwater parks. This mission has expanded to advocate for and to be actively involved in promoting a wide range of diver, non-diver, and environmental interests including healthy marine ecosystems, safe shoreline access, and underwater parks.

WSA strives to create a unified group of divers, as dive clubs, dive stores, and charter operators who work together on projects. These projects make our waters a better place for its inhabitants to live and for divers to visit.

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What We Do

WSA enhances Washington waters to create sustainable marine environments through Advocacy, Conservation, and Education.

We work with State, County, City, and Local Governments to create projects to improve local waters.

We organize events with local dive shops and dive communities to undertake these tasks with volunteers.

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