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Dive Maps

In our dedication to education and safety, Washington Scuba Alliance is providing dive maps to help you plan your dive.  If you'd like to join us in building out this library of maps please fill out the Contact Us form below.

To see recent dive reports you can check:

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Blake Island

An advanced boat dive with the possibility of strong currents, good photography, and a pile of debris from an old shipping accident

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Les Davis

Easy stair access with a snack bar in the summer months.

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Lobster Shop Reef Site

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Mike's Beach Resort

An easy dive site for beginners with a cabin for staying the weekend to dive the hood canal.

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Mukilteo T Dock

Stair access to a fun shore dive with a geodesic dome!

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Tide tolerant with a deep line and a shallow line.

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Saltar's Point Steilacoom Marina

With a possibility of a strong current, this dive site has the availability of close wrecks in close proximity.

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Saltwater State Park

An artificial reef by the Washington Scuba Alliance in 2009.

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Seacrest Cove 1

An excellent site for beginner diver's. It is a tide tolerate site with easy shore access but tricky summer parking.

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Seacrest Cove 2

Tide tolerant dive site with the Honeybear wreck, this is a great beginner dive site and an excellent site for seals in the summer

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Sund Rock

This dive site is a popular place for seeing wolf eels. Be sure to schedule an appointment as it is a private site.

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Sunnyside Beach Park

A shallow dive site for checking things out, although there is a drop off farther out

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