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The importance of healthy reef structures cannot be understated: from reefs spring life, and from that life, many benefit. Whether for scientific curiosity, nourishment, or excitement, humans interact with reefs in many ways, and in kind, environmentally conscious humans do their best to safeguard these crucial, delicate environments. But environmental changes can spark at a moment’s notice, and when necessary, concerned citizens can meet these challenges with a combination of expediency and strategy.

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WSA Works with DNR

For decades, Washington waters have been plagued by toxicity caused by creosote-treated structures. Left to the wayside, these structures have slowly rotted into the waters, creating pilings of pollution that have had a substantial negative impact on the environment, especially in herring populations. On September 6, contractors with Washington’s Department of Natural Resources (DNR) began a project to remove old creosote-treated pilings from a derelict pier at the Maury Island Natural Area in south Puget Sound. This project, while beneficial in the long run, spelled disaster for the many creatures that inhabited the pilings, but thanks to the efforts of DNR representatives and local organizations such as the Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA), these fragile marine animals will continue to flourish just down the way.

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WSA Works with DNR

WSA Establish’s Reef at Titlow Beach

The Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA) and a variety of Tacoma area partners are establishing a new enhanced reef system at Titlow Beach. Working closely with the City of Tacoma, Metropolitan Parks of Tacoma (MPT), Bellarmine Prep School, and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), WSA hopes to give the aged former terry terminal a much needed make over.


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