President's Corner

Well, we have been busy working with Washington State Parks to see about putting in some more artificial reefs in some of their parks. I personally have met with someone at State Parks to make it happen. But, down in Olympia our political think tank have decided to take away much needed funding to support parks in keeping them looking good and fun place to visit. So, WSA as we have done in the past, will have to seek funding elsewhere to get the job done. We are confident that we can do it.

Camano Island State Park along with Cama Beach State Park is our first choice to work together on making a new reef. Design work and dive surveys will be happening to see how good a fit it will be. Plus State Parks wants divers to help with revamping the parks facilities with what divers need to have a good dive experience. Showers, better beach access, parking and bathrooms will be looked at from the diver's standpoint. Workshops are going on to get improvements on the drawing board. If you are interested in being involved please contact Washington State Parks online and go to the Camano Island section and volunteer your time.

The Dive Expo was in April on the 20th and the 21st. We saw a lot of folks there. We had our biggest turnout at the general membership meeting on Sunday. Many guests were surprised at what WSA is up to and what other projects we are working on. We made around $2,000.00 in the silent auction to help us support some of our projects.

Speaking of projects, we have sold another buoy. This one was purchased by the Oregon Scuba Club. That leaves only five to go. Two at Dalco Wall, one at Flagpole, one for Arrowhead and one for Blackpoint. We are close to finishing this project which will free us up to work on other projects so, please get your club to donate or do it personally. The permits will be cancelled in May of 2014, so we need to get them finished soon.

We were at the DUI Dog Days Rally at Les Davis Park on the 6 & 7 April. We have been at each of the Rallies since 2003. This is always a good partnership and good place to meet divers and share our vision with them.

The state is asking for help once again to keep track on the invasive species which have hitched rides on ship from around the world and have found a new home here in our waters. Please check out the link to see how you can help by just diving and paying attention to things that don't belong here and reporting it. The Washington Invasive Species Council needs our assistance.

Lastly, our funds are dangerously low, we have put out funding to support the buoys at Saltwater State Park as well as helping with funding for phase 2 of the Alki Cove 2 refurbishment which is now complete and both sites are wonderful dive spots. We need your help. Please donate to keep us a viable organization which has provided numerous improvements to diving in the Northwest. Visit our website and use our PayPal section to help us continue to promote our sport.

Jim Trask

Updated June 13, 2013

Scott Lundy is the new Head of Environmental Protection for WSA!

Scott's speech concerning the protection of GPO's to WDFW is below.

Good morning. My name is Scott Lundy, and I am a UW graduate student, local diving instructor, and The Director of Conservation at the Washington Scuba Alliance.  Today I want to tell you a story.  This story is not about two young men who legally harvested a giant pacific octopus from the state's most popular dive site, nor is it about the uncontrolled media blitz that followed. No, this story is about a dive community who recognized the lack of protection for one of our region's most iconic species, and in mere days organized to unprecedented levels in order to be here today and present our case.  Our primary goal today is simple; the population of Giant Pacific Octopus at Alki Seacrest Park is unique and fragile and must be protected.



 Looking for Volunteer, help, Donation and support

Who we are Clark County Dive Rescue local 501-C-3 we have been in existence since 1983 and most dive shop don't know what we do or who we are. We need your help with the state of this country and Pacifica NW we see ourself as a need for small township with out the budget for a team. We are asking for dive shop, groups and clubs if they could support us and pass the word about us. CCDR asking the local's  for that chain letter, to find others who want to give a little help or support this year we could use it. We need for you to take the below letter and copy and past to your Web site, Facebook, Twitter,  Group email, divers news letters and more hang it in your stores any and all help will move us and keep this resource alive.

Thank You,
Wayne Slates Tender/Diver
Question 503-267-6944


Buoy oh Buoy!

WSA VP Jim Trask has been extremely busy finalizing the plans for the mooring buoy project he's been working on for years. The final permits have been granted, and while some money has been gathered, Jim is still searching for more funding.

While mooring buoys serve the obvious purpose of giving boat divers and charters a safe, secure place to tie up, and accurate placement of divers on the reef, they also help the environment and local habitat by helping boaters avoid damaging sensitive marine life every time they drop anchor at a popular dive site. Read more...