Edmonds Underwater Park

This huge park is one of the most popular sites in the area. Check currents as it is tide sensitive and located next to the ferry terminal.

Edmonds Underwater Park


Current, Ferry Terminal Proximity

Skill Level:

Beginner, Intermediate



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The Edmonds Underwater Park is located just north of the Edmonds-Kingston Ferry Landing at the foot of Main Street. The Park includes more than 27 acres of tide and bottom lands of which approximately half have been developed with features and trails specifically for divers.

Established as a Marine Preserve and Sanctuary in 1970 this site is full of life. Huge lingcod, octopus, and harbor seals are all common sites here. With so much area to dive it takes quite a while to see it all, and at only 35 feet (11 meters) as a maximum depth your air should last quite a while.

Caution is warrented here as it is current sensitive and located next to ferry terminal. Being pulling either into the ferry terminal or out to the sound are both real possibilities here.

Be sure to check the current predictions before you dive.