Why Donate?

In the United States, more than 10 percent of our land has been reserved as protected parks, wildlife refuges and wilderness areas, but the same level of care has yet to be given to our ocean, where less than 1 percent is protected.

Underwater parks, called marine protected areas, help create refuges for ocean life to recover and thrive. These underwater parks also serve to create a space were divers can access without damaging the environment. The environment itself is also created with divers in mind. These reefs also provide an option for conserving, managing, and developing fishery resources. Fish, for example, grow larger, stay stronger and reacher greater abundance and diversity.


•Request from State Parks to create new artificial reefs

•Create and sustain dive and fishery sites

•Implement different features at each site

•Ecologically acceptable materials


In Kind Donation – In Lieu of Cash

What does this mean?

A gift in-kind, or in-kind donation is a method of charitable giving by which goods and/or services are donated to the organization in lieu of cash or stock.

Washington Scuba Alliance (WSA) appreciates donations in all forms.  If you would like to donate goods or services, we request that the item or service be something we would normally have spent money on.  Please work with your WSA contact to arrange for the delivery of the donated items or performance of the donated service.  By completing the form and returning it to our Treasurer, Randi Weinstein, ranzw18@gmail.com, you are helping us further our mission of to promote the study, protection, development and enhancement of the underwater environment.  The value of the item or service may be fully tax deductible.  Thank you for your generous support.

Thank you for supporting Washington Scuba Alliance’s Marine Conservation and Education Programs. support from members alike you ensure that we can continue our vital programs.  

The Legal Stuff

WSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US.
Our TIN number is:  91-1568264
Incorporated 08/05/1992 501(c)3 and determination letter dated 05/07/1997